"Taurus studying"

True story. Ahaha
Ascendent Signs Personality (part 1) astrologymarina: ♈ Aries Ascendent ♉ Taurus Ascendent ♊ Gemini Ascendent ♋ Cancer Ascendent ♌ Leo Ascendent ♍ Virgo Ascendent ♎ Libra Ascendent #TaurusGirl #LeoAscendant #YesYes

Ascendent Signs Personality (part 1)

“High school, it seems, has changed. It has become competitive. Young men and women — 13 to 18 years old — must work more or less tirelessly to ensure their spot at a college deemed worthy to them and their families. So rather than living their adolescent lives — lives brimming with desires and vitality, with vim, vigor, and brewing lust — these kids are working at old age homes, cramming for tests, popping Adderall just to make the literal and proverbial grade. And for what? So they can go to a school that puts them in debt for the rest of their lives. School has become a great vehicle of capitalism: it quashes the revolution implicit in adolescence while simultaneously fomenting perpetual indebtedness.”
F*ck how they treat you, even how you see it. Truth IS. 
So yeah, Skeletor said dat too.